A long history of quality

Preca Brummel was established in 1951, thanks to the intuition and initiative of Giovanni Prevosti.

It is still a family-run business, with the third generation  of the Prevosti family continuing the solid leadership of the group.

The family is the secret to the success of Preca Brummel, which started out as a small textile factory and over the years has become the leader in children’s wear in Italy, thanks to the brands Brums and Mek.


Loving a child means letting them be a child.

Every Brums collection conveys its desire to meet the many needs of its young customers. The high quality of its products and the emotional and evocative image of Brums reflect the brand’s value.



Our products show their best into a warm, loving environment; an atmosphere where family, harmony and love are the things of children’s dreams.


It all starts with our products and their signature sophisticated style: a bon-ton look that focuses on attention to detail, colours and fabrics.


Brums wants to be close to its customers in the most important moments of their lives: birth, baptism, special occasions… up to the next new arrival! Brums builds certainty and future; Brums is always by your side.


We love taking care of our customers and that’s why we adopt a reassuring attitude with them; the quality and safety of our products are a guarantee for the people who are dearest to them.